What to look for when buying a Barn Door

If you “Google” barn doors you will get a lengthy list of companies from big box stores to shopping sites like Wayfair and Amazon. So how do you choose and what should you look for? And what should concern you?

For starters, if you see a price that is too good to be true, it’s because it is probably not true. When you see a $398 door on their home page it’s usually just to hook you in. Then when you put in realistic sizes the price quadrupoles. At Tennessee Barn Doors we are not fans of this approach. We will not dupe you with a price hook. We will give you an honest price for a quality entirely built door.

So there are some keywords you need to watch out for (some are)

-Hollow Core

If it says “kit” that usually means you are doing the work. Yeah, you need to put it together. You likely need some tools that you may not have. And you will be stuck having to figure out the correct location and then drilling for the hardware (how to measure)

If it is made of PVC or other plastic it is just that. A plastic door. Some details even state that the “K” pieces come with adhesive strips. Not sure how the end result will look good or last. So be cautious of this type of door.

Hollow core: These are pre-cast (often some type of plastic composite). These doors will be very lightweight (when you really WANT some good weight for a barn door). A solid heavy barn door will roll so much better. And a hollow core will not give you much in the way of noise reduction properties.

Assembly: we mentioned that a kit usually means you are assembling it yourself. Well watch closely as other sites do not use the word “kit” but if you look at some of the options there is sometimes a pre-assembled option (for a price). One of the things we pride ourselves on at Tennessee Barn Doors is our joints. They are morice tenon and glued and clamped. We then hand sand the finish. So not sure how a screwed together joint will look but can not believe it will compare.

Unfinished; means you are finishing it. We have spray booths and special equipment to do this so we totally do not get this part. To hand paint or roller paint a door will look awful. Staining might be a little easy to achieve but what about the top coat? We finish every door and we do it to YOUR specifications.

So before you part with your money understand what you are going to get. A barn door is typically a pretty good size (usually 36” x 85” or more). So this is going to make a pretty big statement in almost any room. A cheap, poorly assembled door will look just like that, and ruin the total look of the room.

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