So once again we have a client who needs a replacement door.  Why?  the first door they bought was built from incorrect materials.  Now some of these (usually smaller doors) will be ok.  But the likelihood of a problem increases with the size of the door.  We do this every day and know how to get around problems. We have seen some good jobs that look nice, but will they last? We only do doors, nothing else. So we MUST make them last and not warp. Yes, we are more money.   But we have seen a number of clients who buy a door only to buy a replacement from us (so they bought it twice). 


How do we prevent the warp?  On our pure rustic doors (frameless), it is how we build them,- kinda the secret sauce.   In essence, we are building these with expansion/contraction engineering built-in. Even with this engineering, there are limits so these doors and they have a maximum size, after which we need to use our frame system.  We can still get an overall “rustic” appearance  -Come by our shop we’ll show you around a bit.


A barn door is different from a swinging door. There is no frame, no hinges, and no door stops or latches.  A custom barn door lays flat against the wall and has two rollers attached to the top of the door which rolls along a track. The door is literally hanging off two rollers and as such can warp horizontally and/or vertically.  It’s like a curtain, just handing there so properly designed and building with the right materials is absolutely critical. We specifically engineer the wood for our frames and build the doors fully understanding the nature of wood movement. 


If you do a search on the internet you will find many people who are asking the question: “What can we do? The barn door we made has warped!”.  Unfortunately, there is usually not much that can be done. Trust us, years ago we had tried to fix some poorly built doors using things like structural metal – and guess what? wood can bend the metal.  So, there really is no good fix. You need to access why it warped and likely bite the bullet and go for a new door.


My door warped can’t I just live with it? Well yes and no.  Because a barn door rolls, depending on which way it warped it can run into the wall making a mess of the wall and or jamming.  If it warped yet is still functional you could leave it but it typically just won’t look that good.  


So come look around our site, https://tennesseebarndoors.com and see some of the beautiful (non- warped) doors we build. Incidentally, glass (required by codes) must be tempered. Under our glass category, you will see some pretty large barn doors that incorporate glass.  If these doors warped glass would shatter…. Yeah, our doors do not warp!  Don’t buy it twice


warped barn door



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