One of the most missed opportunities in kitchen remodeling is the pantry door(s).  Everyone focuses on cabinets and countertops (naturally) but few ever think about the old-style plain jane pantry doors (and they are big visually). Most builders put in a standard hollow core door that matches the rest of the home. And they are boring. 


Matter of fact this is how we started our company 10 years ago. We used to do kitchen/bath remodels. Well, we did a kitchen remodel for a client and when she got back to town looked at the results (which she loved), but said “my god the pantry doors look terrible in here now”.  I need them changed.  So in discussions with the client, we proceeded to make new doors (a first for us).  The result was amazing.  And then her neighbors wanted some and then the next neighbors and that’s the history.  We stopped doing kitchen remodeling and focused on doors- only doors.

rustic swing

old swing doors















Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.  We do (when space permits) sliding doors and when space does not work we replace swing doors with new swing doors that make a statement. The process is simple and cost-effective.  And the result is transformational.

new swing door

old bi fold doors


Don’t forget the huge effect doors have in a room during your next remodel:

swing doorGlass doorpantry door


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