Why TN Barn Doors

For many years we were in the custom remodel business with a lot of focus on wood projects. Back in 2013 we started to get requests for rolling doors. We made a few doors and quickly realized not only were these doors beautiful but they also saved a lot of space compared to a swing door.


We developed methods to build the doors to last and have never looked back. We do ONLY doors and love every minute of it. It shows in our doors and our commitment to you. https://tennesseebarndoors.com/

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How We Build Our Doors

There are two primary methods we use to build our doors:

The Framed door allows movement of the panel which prevents warpage. Framed doors are available in virtually any size. The interior of the frame units are specially engineered to remain straight and true. In addition, our standard is 1-3/4″ thick.


Our proprietary Dura Plank door is not constructed with nails and glue. We allow all cross members to Move. (Even with this movement there are some size limitations to this type of door.)


Our Wood

We use primarily Sassafrass, Aged Pine and Knotty Alder.  Other species are available by request.  With these woods we can control the outcome of a beautiful door. We do not use reclaimed wood as it needs to be treated properly to ensure the elimination of bugs. Additionally, reclaimed wood has many variables that make guarantees difficult.