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Tennessee Barn Doors is a leader in the craft manufacturing of sliding or barn doors. Our doors add a variety of benefits to any space, including a rustic look, and better utilization of space. They are created out of treated wood and metal paired with fine craftsmanship. We do many glass and other materials such as metal and art glass.  If you have an idea for a custom design that we haven’t produced let us know and if it is possible we will do it.

With the increased need for “work at home” we have developed “inside the casing doors” that can close off a room (old living room or dining room) even if there is limited wall space – see some here https://tennesseebarndoors.com/product-category/gallery/inside-casing/.  These doors (excuse the pun) sort of mimic the old-style glass bathtub/shower doors.  They both move to one side or the other.  The difference is there is NO TRACK in the floor with our setup. These doors run smooth and with our installation, we completely hide the track so the look is spectacular.  Again the door design is completely up to you!


As longtime carpentry and kitchen remodeling experts, our passion for doors began in 2013 when we shifted our focus from remodeling rooms to creating sliding, custom, rustic works of art. Ever since we began Tennessee Barn Doors, it is needless to say that we stopped remodeling kitchens, and only work on doors full time. With our dedication, you can count on Tennessee Barn Doors to be handcrafted, expert-made, visually appealing, and tough to last against the test of time.

Please browse our selection of craft doors. If and when you like anything you see, feel free to contact us and we can work together to produce a door you can be proud of.