It’s pretty simple, we LOVE building doors
For many years we were in the custom remodel business with a lot of focus on wood projects. Back in 2013 we started to get requests for rolling doors. We made a few doors and quickly realized not only were these doors beautiful but they also saved a lot of space compared to a swing door.

But then MAYHEM, they warped – not all of them but some of them. We tried all sorts of fixes, even adding metal “C” channel – nope, wood will do what it wants.  The metal you see in our full rustic doors is still there as everyone loves this signature look.  No it really does not do a whole lot for the warp prevention, but it does look great.

So through a lot of tinkering, we developed methods to build the doors to last (and not warp) and have never looked back. We do ONLY doors and love every minute of it. It shows in our doors and our commitment to you.

We realized early on that installations were key for homeowners, builders and commercial applications.  We  have offered this service for over 8 years.  From 150 pound doors to over 700 pound doors we know how to do it right.

For homeowners we do complete install using non-intrusive methods so to keep costs minimal and providing the finished look you desire.

For residential new construction we will help with recommendations during the framing stage and trim application to ensure a great finished look.

For commercial applications we can help with framing requirements to safely support any size door.




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