Stay up to date on trending topics, and new ideas, and read what our expert team has to say. You will find a variety of articles posted here that may be applicable to your situation.  Our goal is to provide good information about barn doors.  We know doors well and are sharing them with you so to improve your experience.

We will tell you about things like ALL Tennessee Barn Doors include “quiet track”. We add a track to the bottom door groove that eliminates the “rubbing sound” other doors have.  This makes a huge difference.  We also stick with our two hardware suppliers and have been with them for over 9 years.  Why, because it works and we trust their quality.  We have replaced other cheaper hardware and we will not take that chance with our quality.

Besides providing information about barn doors, we also work closely with some local builders.  They are excellent builders and if you would like to work with them see the attached links.

Protruded Door Way Solution

After installing thousands of doors we have pretty much seen every situation. Attached are some pictures to show how to do a barn door on a protruded wall. True there are some that it is not possible but others just need some creativity. See some images below where a door was installed on a brick… Continue Reading →

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Just Another Warped Door

So once again we have a client who needs a replacement.  Why?  the first door they bought was from a “friend” or whomever.  Now some of these (only small doors) will be ok.  But the likelihood of a problem increases with the size of the door.  Sure we have seen some pretty good jobs that… Continue Reading →

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What is the Back of our Doors

So we do many types of doors with two primary build types. Our “Rustic” and “Semi-rustic”. The back of our Rustic is flat as seen in this image Semi Rustic usually have a pattern on the front and back see the images

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Another bit about Reclaimed Wood

So we often get asked about reclaimed wood. We have written before about this but have some pictures of what is pretty typical of reclaimed. In a previous blog we talked about bugs, but here is a production issue. Many barns have things hanging in them over the years – rakes, tools, etc. And these… Continue Reading →

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psssst want quiet?

ALL Tennessee Barn Doors include “quiet track”. We add a track to the bottom door groove that eliminates the “rubbing sound” other doors have. Yup, just another innovation from Tennessee Barn Doors.

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Measuring for a Door

So you may have looked at our how to measure tab. Well it shows the “how” but here is the “why” . We almost always build our doors slightly wider than the trim that is currently around your opening. We also build the door slightly taller than the trim. This is because our doors are… Continue Reading →

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Not Average Stuff for Average People

Wanna know something? Selling average stuff for average people is getting ever more difficult. If that’s all you’ve got, get something else. Pretty true statement. That’s why we sell incredible custom doors for incredibly great clients. We love working with our clients and achieving a level of beauty and functionality that exceeds their expectations. We… Continue Reading →

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