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Sliding Door Hardware Experts

We use what we sell. We are very knowledge about all our hardware if you have questions email or call us. We LOVE to HELP

Below is our standard hardware offerings.  These are the most commonly selected hardware that we use on our doors.

Small Wheel

standard barndoor hardware

Ferris Wheel

standard barndoor hardware

Top Mount


arrow hardware


standard barndoor hardware



Stainless Top Mount

Stainless top




stainless handle


black handle

Forged Contemporary

Contemporary handle


Inset Handle

We also offer a premium series of hardware that have the widest selection of hanger styles and finishes available. Browse some of them below you will be amazed


arrow barndoor hardware

Straight 402

straight barn door hardware

Horseshoe 403

horseshoe barn door hardware

Double Horseshoe 403

double horseshoe barn door hardware

Top Mount 407

top mount barn door hardware

I-Shape 409

painted bronze hardware

Tear Drop 410

tear drop barn door hardware

Wide Tear Drop 411

wide tear drop barn door hardware

Swivel 413

swivel barn door hardware

Flat top 415


T – Top 416

T top barn door hardware

Cornered 417

Cornered barn door hardware

Morning Star 418

morning star barn door hardware

Fleur Dis Lis 419

fleur star barn door hardware

Ranger 420

ranger barn door hardware

Fireball 421

fireball barn door hardware

Sprocket 422

Sprocket barn door hardware

Vined 423

vined barn door hardware

Wrought 424

wrought iron barn door hardware

Our 402S series offers all the durability and clean styling of our standard 402 hanger with the addition of our new Aluminum Spoked Flat Track Wheels. The 6″ wheels are available in aluminum or painted finishes

5 Spoke

5 Spoke barn door hardware

10 Spoke

10 Spoke barn door hardware

Bullet Holes

Bullet Holes Barn door Hardware

Gear Head

Gear head barn door hardware

Mark II

MArk II barn door hardware

Six Shooter

six shooter barn door hardware

Texas Star

Texas star barn door hardware

The minimalist style is perfect when you want the durability and function of space-saving sliding hardware but have low overhead clearance

402 LP

402 lo barn door hardware

407 LP

407 LP barn door hardware

The LIGHT Series is for doors up to 200lb

302 Straight

302 light barn door hardwawre

301 Arrow 

arrow light barn door hardware

307 Top Rounded

top rounded barn door hardware

307 Top Mount

light top mount barn door hardware

The HEAVY Series is for doors up to 800lb

405 Straight

straight bg

301 Arrow 

large tear drop heavy series

306 Wide Tear Drop

wide tear drop bg

The MINI Series is for doors up to 100lb

202 Straight

mini barn door hardware

201 Arrow

201 mini barn door hardware

207 Top Mount

mini barn door hardware

217 Cornered

corner minin barn door hardware

Black 00

black finish hardware

Milled Stainless Steel 40

Mill stainless hardware

Brushed Stainless Steel 50

brushed stainless hardware

Weathered Rust 60

weathered rust hardware

Unfinished 25

unfinished hardware

Painted Bronze 80

painted bronze hardware

New Penny 01

new penny hardware

Machine Polished 30

machine polished hardware

Machined Copper 74

machine copper

Clear Coat 27

clear coat hardware

Antique Bronze 05

antique bronze hardware

Brushed Nickel 90

brushed nickel hardware

With our new Graphics Series, the sky’s the limit for finish ideas. Choose to add anything from camo for a rustic room to a leather-look for quiet spaces – and everything in between. Can be added to any complete set of Flat Track barn door hardware.

Polymer hanger wheels, hanger pin, track mounting screws, anti-jumps and hanger fasters are black.

Available in HydroGraphics and PhotoSTEEL™ Finishes

Available in track lengths up to 8ft.


Matte Finish | Unique Images | Liquid Transformation Process

Army Camo

army camo

Pink Camo

Pink camo

Tan Camo

Tan CAmo

Fish Camo

fish camo

Black Marble

black marble

White Marble

white marble

Carbon Fibre

carbon fibre

Diamon Plate

diamon plate

Knurl Wood

knurl wood



Light Wood Grain

Light wood grain




Powder Coat Imaging | Durable | Gloss Finish | Economical



Cow Hide

cow hide

Cracked Concrete

cracked concrete

Dark Brick

DArk Brick

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate



Flaked Paint

flaked paint

Hawaii Patina

Hawaii Patina

Hot Lava

hot lava

Kids Block

kids block

Metal Holes

metal holes

Wood Planks

wood planks