How can I see your barn door options?

Feel free to view our gallery (here).  It is comprised of real images not photoshopped fakes. If you like a door but want some changes ask us.  We can do that.  Or call us and come by our shop, dusty =yes, but pride beyond what you might imagine.  The pride of the builders will confirm you have chosen the right company. Warning you, if you come to the shop you WILL buy a door 🙂

How do we size our door?

If you are local to central Tennessee we will come measure for you. This is the BEST option. We can help you determine color style etc at this time.  We will notice things that many people miss, such as light switches, smoke detectors, door bells etc.  Have us come out to ensure the end result is awesome. If you are out of state we will work with you to determine the correct size.  It is not difficult but very important.  We have installed thousands of doors- we know how to do it right in almost any situation

Where are you located?

We are located (here) in Franklin Tn.  Out on Columbia Pike area (near Tractor Supply and Target).  We do not have a show room as everythinng is custom but we LOVE to have clients come by and see our work in progress. Or a google map (here)

Can I install my door?

Yes you can, particularly if you are out of state. We can help guide you through the process by phone/email or your preference. We know how to do it, we have done thousands of doors. If you are central Tennessee let us do it – we then can guarantee everything. Additonally, if we install it is considered an “installed product” and you do not have to pay sales tax.

How long does an install take?

Depending on the setup and style of doors you choose the typical time is about 1-2 hours. We do not make a mess, we clean up after ourselves and you have to do nothing – we take care of it all.

What about my current trim?

95% of the time on retro fitting a swing door to a rolling door we use your current trim and leave it in tack. On new builds or major remodels we like to get there early and help guide you and your builder as to the best options to create the look you want. It is super easy and we help all the way.

Can I lock my door?

Yes there a number of ways to lock your door.  We have a blog post that explains lock is more detail (here).