DIY Disaster: Why Hiring a Pro for Barn Doors is Worth Every Penny

Barn doors add a touch of class and space-saving functionality to any home. But what happens when the allure of DIY barn door installation turns into a frustrating mess? Let’s face it, we’ve all seen those internet fails – the uneven hanging, the gaping holes, the doors that simply refuse to slide.

Today’s cautionary tale comes from an online buyer who bravely ventured into DIY barn door territory, only to end up $750 lighter and with a door that looks horrible and does not function at all.

We understand the appeal. Barn door installation tutorials abound online, and the promise of saving money can be tempting. But here’s the thing: barn doors, despite their seemingly simple appearance, involve precise measurements, sturdy hardware selection, and proper installation techniques.

What Can Go Wrong?

Here’s a glimpse into the potential disasters that can unfold when a handyman with good intentions but a lack of expertise tackles barn doors:

  • Misaligned Tracks: A crooked track is a recipe for a door that scrapes, binds, and ultimately refuses to slide smoothly.
  • Improper Weight Distribution: Not all walls are created equal. Choosing the wrong hardware for the weight of the door can lead to sagging, stress on the wall, and potential damage to your home.
  • Shoddy Anchor Selection: Improper anchoring can cause the entire door assembly to come crashing down. Not exactly the farmhouse chic we’re all aiming for!
  • Leveling Issues: A door that’s not perfectly level is an eyesore. It throws off the entire aesthetic and can create functional problems when opening and closing.

The $750 Lesson:

This client’s story is a prime example. Spending $750 on a handyman installation that resulted in a unusable door is a harsh lesson. The cost of repairs and hiring a professional to rectify the situation could easily have been avoided by going pro from the start. Just look at the image and the noted problems 

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