Oriental screen barn doorAdding an Oriental Screen to a Barn Door: A Captivating Fusion of Styles


In the realm of interior design, combining contrasting elements can yield remarkable results. One such instance occurred when an Oriental screen was integrated into a barn door, resulting in a stunning fusion of styles. This unconventional yet ingenious idea transformed a simple barn door into a captivating centerpiece that added elegance, character, and cultural depth to the space. Through the careful selection of materials, thoughtful placement, and artistic execution, the addition of the Oriental screen breathed new life into the barn door, creating a remarkable visual and sensory experience.


The choice of materials played a crucial role in achieving the desired effect. A high-quality, black large frame door formed the ideal backdrop for this project. It provided a perfect complement to the Oriental screen’s refined features. The screen itself, carefully crafted from lacquered wood, featured ornate carvings and intricate richness and finesse of traditional Oriental design. The combination of these elements created a harmonious blend of textures, inviting both touch and sight to appreciate the craftsmanship.


To successfully integrate the Oriental screen into the barn door, strategic placement was essential. Instead of affixing the screen to the door directly, it was recessed into the door’s surface, creating a seamless integration. This method preserved the barn door’s functionality, allowing it to retain its original purpose.


The integration of the Oriental screen into the barn door worked so well with the other elements in the home as Oriental furnishes are the flare of this home. 


The addition of an Oriental screen to a barn door exemplifies the power of creativity and innovation in interior design. It showcases the beauty that emerges when seemingly disparate elements are combined with care and intention. This project serves as a reminder that great design can transcend boundaries, provoke thought, and create spaces that are truly enchanting.