We recently did some work for a complex (unnamed) for both exterior and interior doors.  We noticed during the early quote period there were already two (rather large) exterior doors already installed. We tend to be a bit greedy and want all the doors but sometimes you just can’t get them all. Well at first.  Anyrate we inquired (just curious) about these two already-installed doors.  We got told they were inexpensive just fast-up, stationary doors that they wanted just for looks.  Oh well on to the doors we were bidding for.


We bid and won three sets of doubles (exterior) a set of interior doubles and an interior single.  Happy with the opportunity and all the work.  The exterior doors were complete with hardware installed but locked in the open position.  This is somewhat common on exterior buildings in that they get the look but really do not want or need the doors to operate.  This is common when there are already entry or garage doors installed.  The barn doors then really just create a look vs operation.  In some instances, the barn doors if operable could cause egress issues in that a swing entry door (usually already installed, could not open outwards (common swing direction) as the barn door would be in the way. 


Using barn doors for looks is often a great design addition.  A few pictures below show the before and after.  The look is almost transformational.   So back to the two doors, we did not get at this complex.  Well as we were in process of building all the other doors the client called us and asked to add two more doors.  Yeah, the inexpensive (or relatively inexpensive) doors failed.  They were just stationary and all but still failed (pictures).  We do not know who built them but they obviously were pretty decent craftsmen but are not door specialists.  This is actually a pretty common occurrence.  We have seen failed doors, warped doors all sorts of things.  And ultimately the inexpensive doors get really expensive when you have to buy it again! 


Even a faux door needs to be built right. 


Bad barn doors

These are faux doors that failed.  We replaced them with properly built doors

Before barn doors


H horton doors


Before image of barn doors


Exterior barn doors