Tennessee (TN) Barn Door Sets Industry Standard in Custom Barn Doors

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Custom Barn Doors Add Style and Functionality to Tennessee (TN) Homes

Custom barn doors add aesthetic and real value to homes, especially in Tennessee (TN) where residents take pride in their residences as emblems of southern charm. Custom barn doors come in a range of sizes, designs, and finishes. At Tennessee (TN) Barn Door, a classic barn door design can be customized with weathered wood or ornate hardware. The craftsmen at Tennessee (TN) Barn Door excel in helping homeowners brainstorm and select designs that bring renewed excitement to their living spaces. Whether you’re looking to achieve a minimalist look with clean lines, sleek hardware, and contemporary finishes for a minimalist look, or whether you’d like an elegant glass finish, the designers at Tennessee (TN) Barn Door will work alongside you to help bring your vision to life. Call today for a design consultation, and enhance your home with a custom barn door.

Experience Meets Innovation in Custom Barn Door Fabrication with Tennessee (TN) Barn Door

When our Tennessee (TN) clients envision custom barn doors, they often think of weathered wood and a lumbering design on a rolling track. While it’s true that many barn doors exhibit these features, even rolling hardware can be customized from a variety of styles, including horseshoe, flat track, or spoke wheel. Moreover hardware for handles and decorative elements can also be selected to meet each clients’ stylistic preferences. Depending on the door’s use, you can also add locking mechanisms. The designers at Tennessee (TN) Barn Door innovated a special soft-close feature that can be used even on larger custom barn doors. Clients can select from single doors, bypass doors, double doors, to Dutch doors that split horizontally and afford more flexibility. Regardless of your chosen style, the craftsmen at Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors have a demonstrated history of designing, fabricating, and installing custom barn doors that leave clients with a renewed appreciation for the spaces in which they live and work.

Tennessee (TN) Homeowners Prefer Custom Barn Doors Over Mass Production

Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors was established with the belief that homeowners should receive personalized attention regarding their home’s features. The design team at Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors brings extensive expertise from the fields of manufacturing, architecture, and interior design. Our process commences with a consultation and an evaluation of the residence. Next, the design team works with clients to design a custom barn door that matches their vision and is also viable for their home. Our designers collaborate closely with homeowners to identify each clients’ desired design elements, while also recommending certain designs that will promote the desired ambience for their home. Each door is meticulously crafted to meet the preferences and spatial requirements of our clients. Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors manufactures all components of our custom barn doors, ensuring the quality of our design, materials, and hardware. If a client can imagine it, Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors can bring it to life. Our custom barn doors will add value, longevity, and charm to your Tennessee (TN) home. Call today!

Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors Empowers Clients to Design and Install Their Own Custom Barn Doors

At Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors, we know that custom barn door projects are exciting. Therefore, many of our clients often ask if they can install their custom barn doors themselves. In fact, with proper preparation, knowledge, equipment, and training, clients can certainly participate in this aspect of their home project. The process of installation begins with the preparation of the opening. Next, the craftsmen at Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors will help you select the appropriate hardware, which includes the track rollers, and necessary brackets. We offer hardware kits for custom barn doors that we have fabricated for clients. Next, the track needs to be installed on the wall above the door opening. It’s crucial to ensure the track is level and securely anchored to the wall. Finally, rollers need to be attached to each custom barn door in such a way that the door slides smoothly. Tennessee (TN) Barn Door also recommends installing floor guides in order to prevent the doors from falling off of the track. For clients who enjoy home projects of this nature, Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors can supply the custom doors and hardware required. Alternatively, if you’d like a little help, our technicians will be glad to provide the full-service installation for which we have earned a lasting reputation. Call today to begin your next custom barn door project with Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors!

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