We see this over and over again. Soon to be homeowners’ building a their dream house and barn doors are in the plans. Contractors have plenty of know how when it comes to building homes but not barn doors. The first mistake they make is building it on the cheap. They go to the local hardware store a get framing lumber which is ninety percent of the time crooked as is meant only for the bare necessities of carpentry. Ok so maybe they go over to the next aisle over and get the premium 3/4″ board that come in a variety of species. Even then, they are basing their design off of a picture or what they “think” would be the best way to build a door. Finally, your contractor, trim carpenter, etc. probably does not care and just wants to get it done as fast as possible so they slap everything together with a nail gun. Don’t trust just anybody to build a barn door. It is truly more complicated than you think. We know. We have spent the past years honing and reworking our methods and using the best materials to build a better barn door ever day!