Question? What makes a rolling door worthy of the Tennessee Barn door logo?

Answer: One that will last (with a guarantee) and you CAN’T get that anywhere else.

We pride ourselves on our beautiful doors and our solid guarantee. So really, why concern your self with a door guarantee. Heck, it’s not a car or refrigerator with thousands of moving parts (well a lot of parts from China or other countries). We have replaced a number of “bad” doors and have a different perspective about rolling doors. Incidentally, most of our builder partner/customers “used” to have trim guys or others build their doors – until they had failures. It looks pretty simple. Just check out Pinterest they have all sorts of options. Yeah really! What people do not understand is “hanging” a door from two little hangers is way different than swing doors. There is no frame to provide any integrity. Wood moves and hanging a door is akin to hanging a limp lasagna noodle – it’ll do whatever it wants.

So let me share a bit of a story. We were very accomplished woodworkers with many years of experience. We used to do a lot of kitchen/bath cabinets and remodels. And we were very good at it. We had a client who loved her new kitchen except for the pantry door. She asked us to make a “barn door”. That was over 5 years ago. We did and it looked great (truly we didn’t really know what we were doing but we knew woodwork). Well, we got lucky on that door. Then her neighbors and others had us make doors (a nice sideline to our remodel business). Then the problems began. We rebuilt a number of doors (warping being but one problem). We even rebuilt one client’s 4 times. Phew we had enough. We were getting out of this business.

Then late one night trying to fix yet another door we had an epiphany. We figured out a couple things out. Our problems went away. We implemented our discovery in all our new doors and grew the business to what it is today.

So we guarantee our doors and we mean it.

Stay tuned upcoming blogs will include some poor door images…