Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors Save Space, Add Appeal, and Last a Lifetime

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Custom Barn Doors Add to the Look and Feel of your Tennessee (TN) Home

Barn doors are associated with rustic elegance, and, as such, they have become a staple of Tennessee (TN) homes. In fact, barn doors have a rich history that dates back centuries. They are closely associated with agricultural and rural architecture–which is why they have remained such a fixture of Tennessee (TN) and other southern homes. In medieval Europe, they were used to enclose and protect the contents of barns and other farm structures. Early barn doors were typically made of wood and were quite simple in design. Barns in colonial America often featured large, hinged doors that allowed for the easy movement of livestock and equipment in and out of the barn. These doors were typically constructed from timber and served functional purposes on farms. Sliding barn doors gained popularity in the 19th century, because they didn’t have the spatial requirements of traditional wooden doors. The Industrial Revolution brought advancements in technology that made it easier to create sophisticated hardware for sliding barn doors. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in barn doors, not just in rural Tennessee (TN) settings, but also in urban and suburban homes. Homeowners throughout Tennessee (TN) have embraced the rustic and vintage charm of barn doors, using them as room dividers, closet doors, and more. Call Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors today and let us transform your space!

Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors Supplies More than a One-Size-Fits All Solution

People typically associate barn doors with wood. Though this traditional material does provide a warm, rustic look to a building, barn doors can be fabricated from a variety of materials, including different species of wood. Common wood choices include oak, pine, cedar, and oak. Wooden barn doors are solid and can provide good insulation and soundproofing. Specail design doors,  often made with steel inserts, offer a modern and industrial aesthetic for urban Tennessee (TN) homes. Glass barn doors are an elegant and contemporary choice that allows natural light to flow between spaces. 

Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors Has a History of Doing it Right

In business for over a decade, Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors has given homeowners the opportunity to transform a functional element into an artistic one. Tennessee (TN) Barn doors accomplishes the fabrication of attractive and durable barn doors due to years of experimentation and experience. Door craftsmanship is the sole focus of the designers at Tennessee (TN) Barn doors, and they truly enjoy every moment of it. This dedication is evident in the quality of our barn doors produced over the past decade for clients in Tennessee (TN) and surrounding states. The team at Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors knows that proper installations are crucial for homeowners, builders, and commercial projects, and they have been providing installation services for over eight years. Whether it’s a 150-pound door or a hefty 700-pound door, our team has the expertise to get it done right. Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors offers full-service installations using non-intrusive methods to minimize costs while achieving the desired finished appearance.

Tennessee (TN) Homeowners Prefer Customization to Mass Production for Barn Doors

Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors was founded on the principle that homeowners deserve individualized attention when it comes to the features of their home. The designers at Tennessee (TN) barn doors bring decades of combined experience across the fields of fabrication, architecture, and interior design. Our process begins with a consultation and an examination of the home. Our designers work alongside homeowners to ascertain the elements of design that they are looking for, and how they want their home to feel. From design to style, to finish, each door is custom made to suit a client’s needs and vision. Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors manufacturers all elements of our custom doors, so we stand by the quality of our design, materials, and hardware. Each door is built to custom-fit a client’s vision and space. If a client can dream it, Tennessee (TN) Barn Doors can build it.

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