Our Story

Before starting Tennessee Barn Doors, we had been in the custom wood and remodel business for years. When a client asked us to make a special barn door for her kitchen remodel – the result was amazing.

We fell in love with barn doors. After that day back in 2013 we have been building doors ever since. We no longer remodel as doors are our passion, and specialty and keeps us extremely busy.

Our Doors

We design and build our doors with our TnBarnDoor process that essentially eliminates any warpage due to the natural movement of wood. In addition, our doors include metal that adds to the rustic appearance and provides stability.

Tennessee Barn Doors are made from hand selected rough woods and are finished to maintain the rough look. Surfaces are not completely smooth but will not cause splinter or feel rough to the hand. It is normal to have large knots in the wood which gives the door character and a rustic look.

Let it MOVE!

Wood is a natural product and will move between winter and summer based on the humidity, temperature, species of the wood. Our doors are built to allow for movement and thus are resistant to the typical warpage that effects the beauty and operation of the doors.

Never Reclaimed Wood

We use only prime new wood that is aged in a controlled environment. Reclaimed wood (unless treated properly) has the possibility of bugs.