Why choose us and not the other guy? This is a question every business hopes to answer. However our team at Tennessee Barn Doors knows that we are the best choice when it comes to putting a barn door up that will become a Tennessee Icon in your space.

We begin by sourcing our wood from a Tennessee lumber mill. We mainly purchase non-threatened sassafras. Each piece of wood is unique with its grain and “imperfections” (we call em’ features). Unlike the other folks our wood is not engineered to look weathered or rustic but is rough sawn and made unique by mother nature. We use each unique piece of wood to form a piece of art when finished.

Each door we make is specified to our customer’s application. We handpick and glue together inch thick wood blanks that serve as the foundation of the door. Many competitors use much thinner and flimsy woods to save on cost. Also opposed to quicker methods, we wait for the glue to cure to create an extremely tough bond. The bonded wood will then be treated with proprietary methods of fastening to secure the cross pieces to make the iconic barn design. Our doors are hand engineered to allow movement with the seasons changing and humidity levels. All the extra attention and care goes towards the prevention of warping, splits, and cracks.

shop detail
The finishing process is amongst the most rewarding. As we get to see the hard-work shine through the luster of the wood it makes it all the more exciting to deliver it to its home. With all doors, no matter the color or stain we apply an amazing topcoat that resembles an oil rubbed finish but has the durability of a polyurethane, without the cheap plastic look.

We fit our doors with wrought iron, stainless, oil rubbed, or modern hardware to accentuate what custom style a customer is looking for.

Once a product is finished we deliver and provide professional installation. (Something our competitors do not provide or make mistakes with) Many applications of installation can be troublesome but thanks to our installation expertise we know our way around any quirks or road blocks in the process.

Last and most important, all of our doors and hardware is 100% guaranteed. We know that everything can’t always be perfect so we want to service anything that goes wrong with our product.

Be sure to consider our handiwork when you make plans to install barn doors. We would love to serve and make your doorways shine.