Sure, everyone knows the saying in the title and throughout my entire consumer experience, I have found that it is true. When it comes to barn doors there are a lot of options on the market. If you headed to your local home depot you could probably buy one today. However, that’s what I am here to warn consumers about. Three common mistakes with your average barn door.

First is cheap materials and lousy manufacturing processes. If you have ever knocked on an interior door and were able to notice the hollow sound you just experienced a cheap door. Many barn doors are being mass manufactured in the exact same fashion. Even if doors are being made of solid wood, they are made with inexpensive and thin boards of wood that will eventually end up warping when hung as a barn door. Wood has a natural tendency to move as temperature and humidity levels change. Most woodworkers know this unfortunate fact and know how to adjust their craft to help the issue. The average joe/jane who knows their way around tools can make a barn door, but 99% of the time their end product will warp. The problem of warping can cause the door to bend inwards, outwards, and vertically, horizontally, and sometimes diagonally. This results in the door making contact with trim and drywall and ruining paint and scuffing edges of a doorway. Not to mention a warped door looks tacky.

Second is the install process. So many barn doors are installed incorrectly and most people who try to install them do not have the expertise to mind all important aspects of the installation. After a handful of years installing our barn doors, we learn new things to be watchful for every day. Too many things can go wrong (and they are too many to list) while installing a barn door and if done incorrectly you can end up with a terrible fit and an unflattering look. Not to mention if things are not level. The door will scratch hardwood floors when it rolls and sometimes it won’t be able to roll at all. Below is a nightmare of improper installation with store-bought doors.

Lastly, next to no one will offer a guarantee with their barn doors. We understand that even when we use our top-notch methods of crafting our doors that the natural movement of wood can win and therefore will need repairs to restore the functionality of the door. We want to see your door shine in your home and that is why we guarantee against defects. If you even think about buying a barn door check to see if it is warranted and if they offer professional installation service. We have spent the last 5 years specializing in barn doors and know the tricks of the trade and what makes a barn door quality.